In terms of written translation, our team distinguishes itself through its expertise in localization, certification, transcription and proofreading in the following fields:

Legal Translation :

TMA has become a keystone for quality in the domain of legal translation. We offer our professional and bespoke service based on quality, price and confidentiality to our clients (Courts, lawyers, notaries, police, legal firms, consultancy firms…etc). We are the benchmark for accuracy, efficiency and value for time and money in this respect. We handle assignments of all types: 

  •  Translation & interpreting in Courts’ public sessions.
  •  Translation of contracts, judicial police minutes, forensic evidence, courts’ judgements and decisions, mixed-marriage files…etc.
  •   Interpreting in meetings between lawyers/notaries and their foreign clients.
  •   Interpreting for judicial police during their preliminary investigations. 

If you require a legal translator or interpreter then please contact Translation Morocco Agency on 00212661957425 / 0021261678743, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or browse our website to find out about the various professional translation and interpreting services that we offer.

Technical Translations :

We offer technical translation in various domains and industries, including:

  • Financial sector : we work within the financial services industry to provide accurate financial translations to banks, investment organisations, fund managers, accountancy companies and advertising agencies. Our translators are reliable, accurate and provide professional translation of annual reports, balance sheets, fund prospectuses…etc. 
  • Tourism sector : we translate tourist guides, prospectuses, flyers, reports, and websites. Our main clients are hotels, travel agencies and governmental tourism offices. 
  • >Medical sector : Our translators have specialist knowledge of medical terminology. We translate hospital notes, medical reports and other various forensic evidences. 
  • Voiceovers and Subtitling : We provide voice overs and a subtitling service for visual material. If you require a corporate video or sales presentation to be presented in a different language from the original, then we can organise this for you.